Property Developments The HUB


Located at the heart of the Hongqiao Commercial District, THE HUB is the only commercial complex in China that is directly connected tothe Hongqiao Transportation Hub. It provides a planned total GFA of 250,000 sq.m.. Overall planning for the project was carried out by the renowned architectural firm Ben Wood. It will become a new landmark, providing business, leisure and entertainment facilities for office workers in the Hongqiao Business District, residents of West Shanghai, and the 75 million population living within an hour's reach via high speed rail.

The development includes:

THE HUB·Mall: Located on the south side of the development is the first Mall to be directly connected to a transport hub. A specially-designed children's play area and themed restaurant floor provide a one-stop leisure and entertainment experience that has everything from fashion, dining, and leisure to family activities. The first floor of the Mall also provides a one-stop check-in centre as well as shuttle bus and golf cart services, allowing travelers to easily commute between transfer points.There is a parenting area of over 10,000 square metres on the third floor of The Hub Shopping center, involving an interactive edutainment centre, the theme park of video game, the kids-themed restaurant and various of children brand-name stores, which provides household consumers with quality products and service to creat the perfect shopping experience for them.

THE HUB·Xintiandi: Located in the north of the development, Xintiandi is a modern courtyard-style neighborhood characterized by its contemporary architecture and commerce. It boasts innovative cuisine from across the globe, with several conceptual restaurants making their debut for the first time in Shanghai. The street is set to become a new landmark for dining in West Shanghai.

Offices: The development contains four office buildings. The three main buildings are located in the north of the development, with the other in the southern section. These unique ' showroom offices' offer both office facilities and a space for companies to showcase their products, allowing them to keep their brand on display at all times.

Performance Centre: Located in the south side of THE HUB, the Performance Centre is the only standalone art building in a commercial complex in Shanghai. Inside, it contains a number of functional spaces that can accommodate a range of art and cultural events, including brand launches, product exhibitions, and themed events, making it a year-round hot spot for culture and entertainment in West Shanghai.

Hotel: Located in the north of THE HUB, the 5-star hotel offers a host of facilities including 396 luxurious rooms, a spacious banquet hall, and multi-function conference rooms. The Company disposed the hotel to Great Eagle Holdings in August 2014. Operated and managed by international hoteliers the Langham Group.

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