Corporate Governance BOD Activities

BOD Activities

Site Visit

Site visits to the Company’s projects are arranged from time to time to allow Board members keep abreast of the project developments.

BOD members visited Shanghai KIC Project

BOD members visited THE HUB Project

BOD members visited Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Project


Each newly appointed Director receives comprehensive, formal and tailored induction on the first occasion of his/her appointment, so as to ensure that he/she has appropriate understanding of the business and operations of the Company and that he/she is fully aware of his/her responsibilities and obligations under the Listing Rules and relevant regulatory requirements.

Networking with Shareholders

To further enhance and provide more direct communications with the Company’s shareholders, a “Networking with Shareholders” session was conducted immediately after the Annual General Meeting. During the session, shareholders were provided with a chance to discuss matters face to face with senior management of the Company. Previous sessions were well attended by shareholders. The meetings included discussion of the latest business initiatives and long-term development strategy of the Company as well as answering shareholders’ questions.

“Networking with shareholders” session
was conducted after the Annual General
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