About Us Corporate Philosophy & Culture

Corporate Philosophy & Culture

Since Shui On Land established in 2004, we have embraced the "Shui On Spirit - Integrity • Dedication • Innovation • Excellence" with a commitment to innovation, quality and excellence. We are dedicated to delivering excellent products and services. We sustain our vision by integrating quality into all our operations and aspiring to world-class standards of excellence in management, planning, execution and corporate governance.

The Seagull's Story

Ever since its establishment by Mr. Vincent Lo in 1971, the pursuit of excellence has lain at the core of Shui On's philosophy. Mr. Lo was inspired by the determination of the central character "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" in Richard Bach's popular book of the same name. The seagull Jonathan was not satisfied with the fairly average flying skill like his fellow ordinary seagulls in the flock. He continued to practise until he overcame all obstacles to become a perfect aviator. Much like seagull Jonathan, the Shui On Spirit is most appropriately characterised by our strive for excellence.

Shui On Land's logo is a symbol of a seagull gliding over the horizon, an immortalisation of seagull Jonathan. Likewise, the Company upholds the Shui On Spirit with striving for perfection, achieving our vision through innovation and advancement.

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